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Parent & Kids

Virtual Summer Camp 2020

The summer camp, as most camps in 2020, went virtual. The Aafiyah Project offered a 2-week Parent & Kids Virtual Summer Camp. The virtual camp provided a social and educational environment that allowed children to interact with old and new friends as they learn new skills in a safe environment that is the comfort of their homes. 


Week 1: Healthy Habits. Kids learned the different parts of the body and their functions, how the muscles and bones work together, and different ways in which they can stay active and healthy. They learned about the different food groups and participated in making healthy snacks and lunches. The kids also engaged in art and craft activities about the food groups and wrapped up the first week with health-based scavenger hunt and story time focused on living a healthy lifestyle.

Week 2: Managing Emotions. Kids participated in meditation and yoga sessions as alternative ways to relax their minds and engage different muscles groups as an optional form of exercise. The kids also learned about social and emotional coping mechanisms, engaged in craft activities about expressing their feelings, and enjoyed a puppet show about sharing their feelings. They wrapped up the virtual camp with stories on emotional well-being.

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